Product Care

Product Care / Cuidado del Producto


How to care for you hand made earrings?

All earrings are made with glass seed beads and thread. All beads are pure glass and which can make them fragile so be sure to handle with care. 

>> Please note that the ear finding may tarnish over time, consider storing in a dry place and not getting your jewelry wet. At the moment some jewelry's ear finding are plated v. filled. 

>>Please avoid showering with your earrings or getting them wet. Especially your earrings with fringe. 

When storing, lay them flat or hang them to keep the fringe on your earrings straight.



¿Cómo cuidar tus aretes hechos a mano?

Todos los aretes están hechos con cuentas tradicionales Checos y hilo. Las cuentas son de vidrio puro, y eso las hace frágiles, así que asegúrese de tener cuidado.

Evite bañarse con sus aretes y cuando los guarde, colóquelos planos o cuélguelos para que se vean lo mejor posible