How to care for you handbeaded earrings?

All earrings are hand-stitched with tiny glass seed beads and nylon thread. All beads are pure glass, and which can make them fragile so be sure to handle with care. 

In each order, we provide a storing box with a lid, a business card with product care details on the back, and a polishing cloth for silver/brass metal components only.

All orders DON'T contain a polishing cloth or pad!


Things NOT to do:


  • Don’t shower with your earrings. Avoid getting them wet.
  • Don’t carelessly store them. I recommend you hang your earrings or store them in the jewelry box provided. This will maintain the integrity of your fringe earrings.
  • Don't place them in direct sunlight for long periods of time, as this may discolor some beads

Do store them in a dry & cool place.

If you find that your fringe is not hanging as nicely as you would like, place earrings on cotton fabric and with one finger lighly roll the beads using a downwards motion.



What is tarnish?

Tarnish is a discoloration that develops on the surface of silver, silver platted metal, brass and other metals. Please know it is natural and forms as the silver reacts with Sulphur compounds in the atmosphere!

How to restore metal?

In the case you find that your earring findings, or metal components have discolored or tarnished use a polishing cloth and gently rub the metal. Repeat as needed.

Understand this is normal & okay and not a reflection of the quality of metal.

  ** Polishing cloth/pad only comes on orders that have silver earrings findings or silver/brass components





English - Updated Jan 24, 2022



¿Cómo cuidar tus aretes hechos a mano?

Todos los aretes están hechos con cuentas tradicionales Checos y hilo. Las cuentas son de vidrio puro, y eso las hace frágiles, así que asegúrese de tener cuidado.

Evite bañarse con sus aretes. Colóquelos planos o cuélguelos para que se vean lo mejor posible.